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House to Home in 5 steps

I have lived in a variety of different houses over the past 15 years and each one although different had one common denominator- we made it our home. I have a few things I do in each of our spaces to make it feel comfortable and beautiful.

  1. Bring in Texture- throws, pillows,different fabrics and finishes on furniture. Matching was great in 2000, but I love when instead of matching they compliment one another.

  2. Lighting- this can be the jewellery of a space and can instantly change a mood and feel of a space.

  3. Greenery- Plants add life and movement into a space. Throughout my home I have a combination of faux and live - which is nothing short of a miracle that I have kept them alive.

  4. Layers- which kind of piggybacks on to texture. Layers doesn't mean cluttered but instead curated pieces that create a cohesive space.

  5. Infuse your personality- display art, sculptures, and pieces that bring you joy, make you smile and represent you and your family.

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